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CARDAMOM Documentation

Although referenced in the documents listed below, a set of features, such as DDS/DCPS, is not provided in the Community Edition. For more details refer to the note on the CARDAMOM Community Edition Cardamom Overview


User Guides

  • CARDAMOM SCOM The purpose of the SCOM (Software Center Operator Manual) document is to provide installation procedures for CARDAMOM and associated tools.
  • Tutorial Technical Services. This document describes a tutorial on technical services provided by CARDAMOM allowing newcomers to learn how to use it.
  • Tutorial CCM This document describes a tutorial on the way to build CORBA Components with CARDAMOM.
  • Software User Manual The purpose of this document is to provide developers with description of the CARDAMOM APIs to build applications relying on CARDAMOM.


  • CARDAMOM PIDI. The PIDI (Product Item and Documentation Index) is a reference document that gives the appropriate version of tools needed to compile and run CARDAMOM and also versions of the modules CARDAMOM involves.
  • CARDAMOM Glossary. The glossary describes the terminology used by CARDAMOM

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